Great Wall Of China


THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA; we are taking about the magnificent wonder of the world in china, the wall length is approximate 21,196 km from all the sections. If the length measured from all the different segments of the wall, the distance is around 22000 km. In the year of 1987 December, The Magnificent wall came into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Wall has been constructed by over 1 million worker. It was very difficult task to build a great wall in the all over the world for the workers . it is also visible from space.

The Ming Dynasty was the most important rebuilder of the walls which is written in the history. They completed it with fortifications, watchtowers, and cannons for protect our kingdom and their subject from the attacks of invaders. the Great Wall of China is said to that the shape is just like dragon and snake. Apart from that of general belief, the  Wall can’t be seen from the moon without help.

When to visit the Wall of china?

To visit to the Great Wall of China, you can easily take the bus from Beijing Bus Station. The sites are arrival by car as well. Beside all that, the climate can be tough in this part of High Wall . The temperature in winter can be fall more fast down to -20 ° C while in the summer the mercury can go up to 40 ° C. Be sure to plan and take the correct equipment with you for protect yourself! You will look out more detailed information on the climate of Beijing on this page: Weather Beijing.

A tour to the unique wall is a must for any trip in China
(Beijing). Since Beijing, there are many parts that you can travel by day. Some parts are extraordinary famous, others are some wild and peaceful, you are perverted for choice. There are many unique ideas for hiking on the wall of China that we also present. In our views, a hike on the wall is the best way promote all its prosperity by avoiding the many Chinese tourists who go there every day from Beijing.

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