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Some Interesting facts about Japan~

Facts  are important about any country and this is very important for know about any country apart today We are taking about japan some interesting facts. I know when you’ll read then you fell shock and surprise.

Seven interesting Facts-

1. World's oldest company

Kango Gumi is an oldest Japanese construction company which construct temple and shrine. While, establish in 578 AD along with most operating business.

2. 11th largest populated country

Only 90% people live in urban and 5% live in rural Japan populate of 126 million people since 2011, but now Japan birthrate are declining due to expensive things but still few say it just because of well-paying jobs and education.

3. World's most live-long people

Maximum age of Japanese people 85 and it is three times more than United Kingdom.  it’s all because of the healthy lifestyle of Japanese people along with hard work. They maintain our body by food, water and many more things.

4. Vendor Machines for every 24 peoples-

it would be easy to say that Japan is full of many advance technologies as well as magnificent facilities because of vending machines along with we can buy any thing like food items, cold drink, chocolates and many more things. One more thing about the vending machine is available for each 24 peoples in streets of Japan.  

5.Half worldwide zipper made country-

Around 7 billion zippers are produced by this country a year. Yoshida Kogya Kabushiki gaisha  Company manufactures in Tokyo city and establish in 1934. Is also the great trade part of Japan .

6. Around 1500 earthquakes every year-

As you know Japan faced earthquakes, Flood many of times but sill it stand again and never defeat from any natural disasters because of Unity of this country and technologies.

7. Weird food Items and Cold drinks-

Yes, it’s true . Only in japan Black burger are eaten apart from that different – different green teas, green ice cream and green cold drinks are drunk . One most amazing thing that these food items are very healthy and keep maintain health. Beside Japanese people mostly eat Ocean food and seed as compare to Vegetarian food because Ocean food is very healthy. Further you read more shocking facts about Japan.

Three Shocking facts about Japan-

1. Japanese Melon can cost of more than 200 dollar.

Hearing this, You will be shock but it’s  a true fact. Melon plays a important role for gift giving culture of Japan country. Often Samudai was tend melon or Tangerines to Sogun for the praise so, it is the good culture and renowned fruit. Must take a taste and a melon seller given melon a well manner and that’s what attracts people.

2. World's largest fish Market and trade market-

In Tokyo was the largest market of fish and ocean food, means Tsukiji fish market. It is Renowned for tend auction, Trade of fishes and Nowdays Tsukiji market is closed but it reopened on the Toyosu Market.

3. Horse meet dish is one of the Favorite dish-

In Japan, People eat the raw horse meat with ginger and onion named of dish is Basashi along with it is mostly  famous dish for every Japanese people. 

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Three Cultural fact about Japan-

1. Respect of every person.

especially, Japanese people are famous for  that they are very friendly nature and give respect of everyone for the small mistake , they speak three times of sorry word.

2. Remove their shoe in entrance gate.

It is  similar to our indian manner along with good culture about japan . you have to turn off your shoes in gankle area and shows the temper of any person.

3. Geisha women have beauty.

In Japan, geisha worked as artist like Entertainment and conversation of hosts. They Know Dance, Music, and drama along with entain the people. these  Womens are very beautiful because of  face and her dress.

Two Fun fact about Japan-

1. To slur your noddle means tasty food.

You can slur your noddle means enjoyment and it is not any rude manner indeed means enjoy your food, and let to be good habit of Japanese.

2. 80% mountain area and 6000 islands.

 Japan many crops are easily grown because of the mountain and islands and it filled the nature. Japan is famous for islands and mountain along with it is also the tourist places for visitor’s.

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