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Best Tourist Attraction of Japan-

One of the most Diligent nation Japan have world’s most Industrialized , home of Historic Buildings, Shrines and Palaces But still Visitors are very elated for see the beauty, technology and cultures of Japan. While, despite of natural disaster, devastation and wars has been rebuilt apart from that see the Europe most magnificent Cathedrals were built along with Buddhist temple and Japan Shinto were very preserved  and drawing of Patrons and pilgrims in an elaborate  designs. Asia small country Japan became rich due to boost our trade and skills like ceramics, Porcelain and many more trade. Japan is also come in the list of world’s most great advanced Technology.  It is full of great adventures, Tasty cuisines, Culture and great infrastructure that keep you busy in Japan Along with you are investing money and time in a perfect place which will feel you relax in every place of Japan.

1. Mount Fuji:

Japan is the most Recognizable landmark , and Mount fuji (fuji-san) is the part of this country. The majestic Mount fuji is the Country’s highest peak. million’s of Climber come for ascent on this mountain along with Towering 3776m and flaten on a large scale from south to east.  this Magnificent Mountain has for centuries which were celebrated in arts and literature apart from that UNESCO made the part of World cultural iconic place in 2013 as well as Fuji-Hakane-Izu National Park is also a part in this place . well, Many of climbers to ascent the mountain  and even as when they culminated of the mountain then they can see the sun-rise from the hill. While some people still start from the Base.

In addition to Mostly climbers begin from the halfway mark at the fifth station . Be careful for those people will try to climb mountain are advised to depart in the afternoon, Begin from the night to reach in mount huts and next day you, on the top of fuji mountain .Viewing of scenery of nature, Speeding train, clouds and Japan country houses. it is best tourist attraction for climber adventures in the japan.

Note: Some Place are temporarily closed due to covid-19.

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2. Osaka, Castle

Osaka was the largest and important fortress in the Japan. When it was built in 1586 by Japanese Politician and great warrior Toyotomi hideyoshi. While, it destroyed and rebuilt many of times. Now the present Structure build in 1931 and few things are remain original. This attractive place comprises massive five story, 42 meter tall main tower along with 14 meter tall stone base especially, this is all just to show the history of castle and the city.

Visitor’s eyes are fascinating to see the beauty of Osaka with autumn leaves. it feel like colourful place. add to visit top floor of castle for see the best sight over the Osaka, see also sun set. In addition add to visit Osaka castle park in Hokoku shrine and best known temple as Shrine as Shitenn0-ji. Famous Japan Buddhist Shrine include with five story Pagoda as well as elegance magnificence buildings . Among with the Golden pavilion (Kondo) with superb corridor Connected three of gate’s. Be sure visit the Osaka is the best views attraction for the tourist.

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3. Imperial Tokyo

Most visited place in Japan nation capital Tokyo for Visitor’s  Imperial Palace is Spectacular with 17th Century Parks, Which are surrounded by walls and moats. Many of beautiful scenes can see from the landmark of Tokyo palace.

Must visit the site like East Higashi- Gyoen Garden, apart  from that many of areas parts of the organized tour. You can see romantic and cool views like Nijubashi Bridge double bridge and watery reflection. Giza shopping district add on your tour list. Imperial palace is very bustling area include Kavaki-za- Theatre for Kabu ki performances as well as shimbashi enbu-jo theatre. In Tokyo many of traditional dances are perform specially Azuna-odori dances and Bunraku perform. Imperial holds a long history of the Tokyo.

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4. Historic Kyoto

 Most fascinate city Kyoto in Japan faced Natural Devastion, Draought and war during the world war second. Approximately, 10 million visitor attract towards the Kyoto city. In this lovely city Traveler explore old streets and architecture along with that Nothing changed since many of years. Even now, the japan kyoto city is one of them who believe in Cultural customs and great center for pilgrim. Many of art galleries, Museums, Historical Sculpture and other forms visit.

tour the Buddhist influenced architecture involve many of Preserved temples, but still 30 are used by the tourist apart from that 14th century Golden pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) is very famous for gold leaf exterior. Include to take the trip of Ninjo Caste and it is made in 17th century fortress that has many original things like walls, tower and moat. In the last to take complete trip of Arashiyama Bamboo grove, Many of long trees you can see and feel like Green enviroment.

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5 City of temples: Nara

Nara is the lovely city for Japanese culture and included vast number of of historic Buildings, Streets, Shrines for the Visitor’s that’s why it bacame the Spectacular city along with treasure of the nation and even different from of art . home of historical places along with 7th century Kofuku-ji Temple, It is one of the great temple among them seven of famous temple of Nara.

In addition to the Splendid 8th century todai-ji (Great East temple) fame for beautiful bronze statue of great budda (Daibutsu) in AD78. take to trip todaiji(great south gate(Nandaimon). The magnificence two-story structure created on 18 along with two Nio-status stand on 8m tall, Which guard the temple entrance apart from that enjoy to see the world’s largest timber building, Great buddha hall.

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