I don’t Know Where I start from the beauty of Dubai and their places. Now, People suppose that Dubai is a country but it’s wrong, Because this is emirate of the country of UAE(united Arab emirates). Dubai land is almost filled of dessert that’s why the desert of Dubai is popular. There are lots of places which is written in the world record guiness book. it is also come in the list of richhest country as well as cleaniest city. you are supprised to know that many indians people live there for thier work so, you fell chill because our indians people always present .Dubai is famed for high rising stylish building. there are shining beach, blue island, tallest building, beautiful fair and markets . are you know abut the places of dubai then  take intrest to read this blog below. So. Let’s go for the journey of Dubai city.

1. World tallest Burj Khalifa Building-

Best Attraction of Dubai

The Tallest Building is design by Adrian Smith. The highest tower  of the word is Burj khalifa. the amazing building located in Dubai, it’s height is 2716 feet (830m) beside all this,  it is so high that it can be seen away from 95 km, When standing on ground. there are total 163 floors in this high rising building as well as having 58 lifts with great Technology. it is 3 times higher than the Eiffel tower from the top floor of this building.  Do you Know that we can experience 2 times of sunset. The construction of this building started from 6 January 2004 and completed up to 10 oct 2009.Burjkhalifa holds many records of the word. Tallest free- standing structure, highest number of stories, tallest elevator , most floor  and many more records . Burj khalfia becomes the Dubai famous . Concentrate, 5500 tone steel to be needed for the construction. the previous name B.K. After maintain some years it named B.K in the honor of the president of Dubai. it is standing on the strong base of steel. when seen from its  163 floor in the fresh weather. Dubai Neighbour country ‘Iran’ can be seen in 60 sec this is a fact by some traveler. the owner of this magnificent tower is Emaar Properties.

2. World's Biggest Dubai Mall-

Well, Dubai downtown is almost fill of surprising places and The world Largest Dubai mall is one of them beside all this, it is recorded in the Guinness book as well as around 80 millions visitors come every year for see the beauty of mall. it was open in 4Nov, 2008 for the public.  it is completely filled of unique entertainments, activities, lights, Outlets and hotels that keep you busy inside the mall. this Magnificent mall is located next to the Burj-Khalifa building. Now , Inside the mall you want to visit the world’s Largest Aquarium with 33,000 Aquatic animal  Well, you will glad to know that you can ride on the glass bottom and see the view of animal as well as do cage diving with sharks. Don’t miss to see the beauty and lighting of wonderful Fountain in the Neight apart from that , the waterfall fall with the diving statues but you know , when you’ll stare a statue then all the statue are disappear but it is Illusion Waterfall. you should also visit the theme Sega Republic Mall which have  many entertaining things , games whatever you want in this park. Inside the Mall, There are 1200 stores and the area of mall is about 1,124,000 sqm , In other Words it is equivalent to 50 Football pitches. There  are 250 Luxury hotels and around 120 Restaurants. Never Forget to visit the Olympic Size ice Skating rink, Extended ground floor up to the Second floor. you can see the movie in World’s largest cinema Reel and you can take enjoy of the candies of biggest store. it is fully filled of New Fashion for the Fashion Lovers beside all this there are 14,000 parking facilities. Whenever you visit the Downtown Dubai the you must visit the Dubai mall.

3. World's Tallest Luxurious Seven Star hotel-

As you Know that Burj-Al-Arab is the “Tower of Arab” Located in Dubai downtown , United Arab Emirates. it’s height is around  321meter (1053 feet) stand on Artificial Island 270m from Jumeirah beach. In 1993, it is designed by Tom Wright to create the extraordinary Superstructure apart from that Jumeriah is the owner of this Seven star Hotel. There are fascinating places under the hotel . there are three Aquarium with 50 Species ,  the magnificent interior 24 carat gold leaf use to embellish the interior beside all this, hold 28 Double Story floor, 202 Bedroom suites, World tallest atrium 180 meter atomised water with Fibre optics to spread a Kaleidoscope effect. it consist three aquarium, 29000 Swarovski crystals design in the shape of Milky way . In this unique hotel overall 56 floors as well as there are 60 desks and each receptionist girl wear necklace pandel, earrings of gold which is the design of the logo of  burj arab hotel. Those guest which stay in this hotel , they get own 24 carat gold iphone. it is construction began in 1994 including 3,000 companies and 250 designs of USA, UK and Dubai, around 3500 workers. it opened on 1 Dec 1999 and it itself call 7 star hotel. There was used 90,000 tones steel and finest material in this wonderful hotel. You must take a trip of the Burj-Al-Arab.

4. World's Miracle Garden of Dubai Downtown-

Well, It would not be wrong to say that you will visit many of Garden’s but you just have memories of Few things About the Garden but, When you will visit world’s Miracle garden in Dubai Downtown, I am sure , You’ll Stunned to see the Floral styles, themes and designs of the garden and Never you Forget the things about it. It have our own Unique things which represent the beauty of Dubai city. Do you Know, it is Sprawling 72,000 sqm of land, World’s Biggest natural flower garden . In addition to , it was opened in 14 February 2013 on Valentines day . it’s ultimate designed by Abdel Nasar rahat project with Agricultural Company. You’ll Surprised to the Stupendous flower wall of 1km and it is written in the Guinness book for the longest flower wall; You will see floral varieties with 120 species, petunia flower designs as well as flower like marigold, roses calendulas and tulips. Besides this 45 Million flower grown and you can see different  Shapes like circle, igloos and pyramids whenever you will visit , you also find new theme of flowers because themes are updating time to time. you have to see Alley of Paradise, Aroma garden, Heart Passage, Lake park and butter park inside it . Miracle garden is closed during the summer time because escaping the Scorching  Rays of sun, it is opened  only November to may . it is renovated in summer. you also want to take photos with best angles but You have to take permission for the professional camera. you can take services rooms, cafer and Kiosks in the neighbour . Upcoming project for more facilities that the number of outlet, dining choices, and plant Nurseries to attract more visitors.

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