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A visit to Punjab – Land of five river’s

Punjab is known as the Holy temples as well made of Five river’s Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenum and Jhelum  beside this Punj (five) and ab (water) that means land of five river’s. This state have delightful tradition’s, cuisines specially sarso ka saag and hold very golden history. People of Punjab are very hearted and friendly nature . If you go the, you’ll never be feel bore because of environment. Many of visitor’s visit this city because of it’s beauty, tradition’s, dresses, and their festival’s. So, get ready to know the best places in Punjab.

1.Golden temple-

Golden temple is worth seeing place of the Punjab Amritsar. Visitor’s are keen to visit this place because of it’s infrastructure plated with gold layer. Amritsar built in 1577 and great value for the Sikh community .people also believe that the tank which is ringed shape hold powers and many of visitor’s come to see this apart from that Best time to visit Amritsar in October to March, Because of it’s amazing view and don’t go in Monsoon season. Pilgrims bath in the sacred tank and this temple make you feel engrossing and connect you with the nature.

2. Kila Raipur Festival-

Kila Raipur festival is spectacular festival for every Punjab citizen because of the rural Olympics happen on this festival well, There are many sport enthusiastic come and participate in different different games like cart race, athletic events and rope pulling games like apart from that On this day a huge crowed come for watch this magnificent Olympics infact visitor’s came from different countries. People always await for this, and it come in February in Ludhiana. this is totally full of engrossing and people also enjoy these games.

3. Sarsoon kha khet-

well,  In punjab you didn’t see sarso kha khet then you didn’t see anything and your trip just incomplete without enjoying in this field. Must you visit because of this yellow flowers and green colour, feel smell  and it will make you feel authentic era and village like enviroment . Many of the shotings shoted here because of it’s nature, A very romantic fil is shooted here Dilwalai dulhaniya lai jaiyaingai and are you know oil is also come from this field.

4. Virasat-e-khalsa-

it is an amazing museum captured a rich history of sikh, Located in town Anandpur Sahib near Chandigarh and it built by Moshe Sofdie and this museum is mostly of Sikh. Virasat -e -khalsa Completed 500 years of Sikh history and 300 years of the birth of khalsa. The museum connected with the bridge that makes the perfect view for the visitor’s. Many of historical item kept in this museum and it all show the Sikh history.

5. Garden of silence-

If you tired from your tour and noise then you go for Garden of silence because it will make you fell meditated because it full of totally green environment and One Buddha statue is sit in the between of this garden which is in the meditated structure and definitely fell your body relax then try to go after all the tour place’s.

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