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Top 5 Bizarre and strange places around the world-

There are many magnificent and amazing places around the world but still some places are very weird places which you read further and fell shocked to see such types of places and must try to visit in one time in your life because it will give great experience about the ancient times, history and nature.

1. Glass Beach of California-

The magnificent glass sea in California . There are many seas, beaches you’ll visit but still it is the Remarkable side for the visitor’s. At one time, People rubbish being dumped on the beach and since then Waste garbage like electrical appliances, cans, bottles and lots of thing which change into glasses and Colourful pebbles but Paradoxically, it is now in danger because of visitor’s takes glasses for home. Now, Many of glasses are not found but still Colourful pebbles and water admiring¬† the beauty of California beach.

2. The Giant's Causeway of Northern Ireland-

¬†Approximately, Sixty million year’s ago a massive volcano erupted after which molten basalt contracted in different places, became solidified or cool and after created cracks what we can see today. There are nearly 37,000 Polygon columns. it is perfect geometrically shape further you’ll see strange places. Mostly it is very famous place of Northern Ireland and must to see this place whenever you visit.

3. Plain of jars of Laos-

Ancient Megalithic jars Scattered from Xieng Khoung State While it is myth of Shrouded apart from that Separated one to one and lying on the field. These jars are used to ancient time as Funeral Ceremonies along with local legend used to brew rice wine for giant’s. In Northern Laos 1960s a huge Aerial Bombardment by the USA and most of place were cleared because of this bombardment. Few places became unique like Plain jars.

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4. Hand of dessert of Chile-

Hand of dessert is located in Chile Atacama desert and Constructed this Amazing art work by Great Sculptor Mario Irarrazabal. Hand of dessert is Associated with the human feelings Shows feeling of alone, Secluded location and desolate in the dessert. It is stand in the mid of Atacama desert as well as this hand is rising out from the sand. Many of Visitor’s visit it in the dessert and very Remarkable place.

5. Socotra dragon blood trees of Yemen-

Dragon trees are separated from the Africa land since 60 million year’s ago. Socotra have remarkable biodiversity, It means that there are many spectacular trees and plant which are not else anywhere in the world. Tourist are very shocked to see such type of biodiversity. it is famous from the ancient times because of Dragon trees and Socotra island . Dragon trees are also known as Blood trees because If you cut the wood of this tree then Red colour is flow from the wood therefore it’s called Dragon blood tree.¬†

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